Pros and Cons of Dorm Living

Pros and Cons of Dorm Life

Dearest reader,


Dorms are both amazing and annoying at the same time. You love living there as much as you hate it. But do the pros outweigh the cons, or should you try and forego dorm life all together?


Below is my list of pros and cons for dorm life. Do you have any more pros or cons? What did you love/hate about dorm life yourself? If you aren’t in college yet, what is one thing you would like to know? I would love to hear from you!



  • Living close to all you classes
  • Living close to most organization’s meetings
  • Support of your floor mates
  • The community the dorms offer
  • Programs put on by your RA (Resident Assistant) or dorm organization(s)
  • More motivated to study and do well due to competition among floor mates
  • When you’re a freshman, your roommate will almost always go places to eat with you
  • Being able to meet new people
  • Do not have to commute to campus and worry about parking
  • If you have a meal plan, you do not have to make your own food every day
  • RAs and Hall Directors are great resources for both on and off campus information
  • If you have an on-campus job you do not have to travel far for it
  • Someone is always there to help you if you need it
  • Floor mates, RAs, and Hall Directors understand the homesickness you will get
  • Furniture is already in the room when you move in



  • You are almost never alone
  • You have to condense your living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and study area into a tiny space you have to share with someone else
  • If you have a car, you will probably not be able to park anywhere near your dorm
  • You will get tired of the food close on campus
  • Not being able to cook for yourself
  • Community bathrooms
  • Possibly may have strict rules and regulations you have to abide by or get kicked out
  • May get a bad roommate
  • Neighbors can get noisy (which could happen in an apartment too)
  • Usually no A/C, which is terrible if you live in 90° weather or even a humid 80° day
  • Lack of decorative options (cinder block walls and plain tile floors do not a homey place make)
  • Two words: dorm mattresses
  • COST $$$$$$$$$$!!! Living in the dorms is extremely expensive


I do think that living in the dorm is a positive experience, especially for an incoming freshman. Learning to live on your own with your peers nearby who are going through the same experiences is helpful if you have any questions or problems arise. Almost everyone is really friendly and willing to help especially if you offer the same friendliness and respect in return. Most of the cons can be and have been successfully overcome millions of times over the years. Too hot? More fans, freeze wet washcloths, befriend people with A/C. Dorm mattress is so awful you can hear it start to squeak before you even sit on it? $30 and an Amazon account can buy you a pretty good 3” memory foam mattress pad with free shipping. My times in the dorms were pleasant without being overbearing and I learned a lot about getting along with people that will help me in my future endeavors.


2 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Dorm Living

  1. For me the con outweighing everything was the food. As someone who likes cooking I hated not being able to decide and prepare my food the way I wanted (even though my university had notoriously good food).

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    1. The food at my university was very good, we were in the top 50 best in the midwest. But I disliked that the food they cooked was my only option. I love baking my own sweets (not so good on the cooking part yet, I’m working on it) so not being able to do that and not having a kitchen with a pantry was a big downer. It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to most this August when I move into an apartment with my foodie friend!

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