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Dearest reader,


It is Follow Friday! What’s Follow Friday, you may ask? Follow Friday is when I post a list of social media accounts or blogs that I think are worthy of your attention. This ranges from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, and from serious subjects such as body positivism to not so serious topics such as blogs that feature cute baby animal pictures. 


Body positivism is something very important to me. I am and always have been overweight. It is just who I am. And for the longest time, it was something I rejected about myself. I was made fun of and teased and degraded for my weight and how I looked. I was made to feel like I did not even deserve to take up space which was a factor in my depression. I hated going out and refused to wear shorts in public for years because I hated the fat that seemed to bulge around my knees. When I would think about my body, I would remember the giant red cyclops from the Disney movie Hercules and I felt just as big and hideous. I started being really quiet in school so people would not look at me, because I did not want them to see me. I felt like I was a burden and no one should have to look at me.


Since then, I have worked really hard on being body positive. And I’ll admit, it can still be really hard sometimes. When your own voice is telling you that you aren’t good enough or pretty enough, it hurts, and sometimes it’s really hard to even recognize. Just a simple, “Oh, look at all that fat,” when you look at yourself in the mirror is a big no-no now. The first step is recognizing these thoughts and combating them. When I think something negative about myself, I make myself stop whatever I’m doing and say out loud that the negative thought isn’t true, and then list good things about myself. And it’s oh so hard, a battle I’m still fighting. But it’s worth it, to have this confidence that I never had before and to know that I am a good person despite what others may decide based on my looks. I’m slowly winning the war even if I lose a few battles every now and then.


What really helps is seeing other people being positive about their unconventional bodies. Now, I’m not skinny-shaming. With body positivism I also believe that all bodies are beautiful, skinny or large, male or female. With so much negativity in the mainstream news about how so-so famous person lost 60 pounds and now they look great, it can be hard to stay positive. The following list is of 10 Instagrams that feature body positivism. It could be quotes, people, models, but are all advocates of the body positive movement. Each of these Instagrams I follow and recommend everyone who might be struggling with self image follow as well. These people are all inspiring and amazing and best of all, positive about their bodies and yours.

  1. anastasiaamour – Amour is a body image and self-esteem coach. She has a guide to body positivity on her blog (which is gorgeously designed), . I plan on reading her guide soon and will post about it when I do. It’s on GoodReads too!
  2. bodypositive_ – This Instagram is one of my favorites. This one is about loving your body now, not when you lose weight or work out. It not only features body weight, it talks about how different skin tones and colors are beautiful as well, and how scars and tattoos make your body beautiful. Definitely one to follow.
  3. franhayden – Hayden is everything I love in a woman: body positive, feminist, and a blogger *lovelorn sigh*. I love all the quotes she posts about being body positive as well as her gorg-tastic selfies.
  4. nourishandeat – nourishandeat is a proclaimed BoPo warrior and self-love enthusiast. I love her Insta because she is an eating disorder survivor, and posts a lot about loving your body for what it is, and not torturing it for what you think it should be.
  5. bodyposipanda – Megan Jayne Crabbe is the poster of this Instagram. She beat her eating disorder and now posts positive pictures of her body as well as promoting and supporting other women with nothing but positive words and gestures. You can follow her blog at
  6. tessholliday – Tess Holliday is my celeb crush. She’s a petite plus-size model married to a gorgeous Aussie man and mother of two (she just gave birth to a beautiful boy she named Bowie!!). Her life is jealous-worthy. She is a huge promoter of body positivism and is the founder of the #effyourbeautystandards movement.
  7. effyourbeautystandards – What I love about this Instagram is that it isn’t just about plus-size body positivism. It’s about skin and hair color and body sizes no matter the size, LGBTQ+, men and the beauty standards they also have to face. It’s a great place to start with body positivism.
  8. positivebodyimage – This Instagram is beautiful. They post quotes that are inspiring and uplifting and positive. With so much negativity going around, it’s nice to see these come across my news feed when I’m least expecting it. It’s like a gentle reminder that life is good and these are the reasons why.
  9. bodypos_sammy – Samantha Arendse is from South Africa and is a plus-size woman of color promoting body positivism through her aspiring model career. She’s a gorgeous woman who also posts body love and men’s body positivism.
  10. liquid_universe – Kimmy is another beautiful plus size Instagramer. Her confidence is catching and she also posts body positivism about those with disabilities. This is a largely overlooked audience when talking about body positive and having such a great person like Kimmy advocating for this kind of body posi is uplifting and exactly what I was to see on my dashboard.


What has helped you in your journey to body positivity? Who are some of your favorite body positive Instagram accounts to follow? Do you have a favorite quote related to body positivity that you would share with me? Let me know in the comments!


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