Best Places to Look for a Summer Job


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Yesterday was the first day of summer. With the way the weather is going, already in the 90°s several weeks ago, I’m not looking forward to it now actually being summer. Now that it’s officially summer vacation, many of you will begin the search for a summer job. A lot of college students work during the summer because it allows them to save up for the fall and spring semesters so they can focus on their studies during the school year. It can be really hard to find a job over the summer, so follow some of these tips to finding employment. 

There are several different job websites out there. I used two of them for my summer job search, which you can read about here. They can be very useful tools for searching for your summer employment or they can be a pain to learn and deal with. I’m still getting emails three months after I got my job about new positions that were within my search limits. How you utilize the tools is the deciding factor.

The two websites I used are Monster and Indeed. Monster, in my opinion, is a bit better. The page is more inviting and colorful than Indeed. Indeed seems boring and more for mature audiences looking for a professional atmosphere. Monster was also where I applied to my current job, so I am probably biased. There are plenty of other job search engines that you can also use. I don’t have experience, but Snag A Job, LinkedIn, and Simply Hired all have good reviews as well. Just be careful. Many employers will post job positions to all of these websites, so make sure you don’t apply to the same job twice.

For both of the above websites, you simply have to input a keyword and the location you are looking for a job and voila, you are sent off to a piece of cyberspace that has what you are looking for. For searching for a summer job, I would start out with key search words that pertain to what you want to do. For example, I wanted a receptionist or secretary position, so I looked through those job postings first. Then, I searched the keyword ‘summer’, so I could find all the jobs that were just for a few months time.

One important thing to note is when you are doing this job search and looking at posts, make sure you know how long the job is for. If the employers see that you’re in school, they’ll know you’re only applying for a summer position. If they aren’t hiring for just a few months, then they probably won’t even give your resume a second glance. That’s why the ‘summer’ keyword is so important, because these employers are looking to hire you just for that amount of time.

Another great place to look for summer employment is your college’s career website. It’s where I applied to one of many jobs that were for the summer only. Unfortunately, the position I applied for was extremely competitive and they were only hiring 8 people, so I did not get invited to this job. Instead, I found a job closer to home (twenty minutes compared to over an hour) and that makes a lot more money. Again, searching the keyword ‘summer’ would be your best bet here. Just be ready to stay close to or on campus.

Once you’re home on your summer break, go on a trek around town and see who has ‘Help Wanted’ signs in the windows. You never know, maybe that cool vintage tea shop that you love is hiring but hasn’t really advertised it. Plus, you might get a great discount. Part of me is sad that I work and have other obligations and don’t have the time to add on another job when I see that the Target down the street is hiring. I don’t have much experience in retail, but I bet it would come in handy when I graduate and start teaching high schoolers.

One last option is word of mouth. My mom works at a non-profit organization that caters to the elderly and those with disabilities. She knows a lot about the town and the places in it. If I had asked, I know she would have started writing down a list of who was hiring for me to use to my advantage. Maybe your neighbor is very active in the political scene in your town, and knows about the businesses close by. It never hurts to ask around and see what you might find.

What are your plans for this summer? What job search advise do you have? I would love to hear from you!


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2 thoughts on “Best Places to Look for a Summer Job

  1. Some great tips there. Monster does look a little more friendly with all the colours! I use Indeed often, Reed is also pretty good. I’m not a massive fan of LinkedIn, I’ve had some sleazy messages on there, eek!


    1. I haven’t heard of Reed before, thank you for sharing! And I’m not a big fan of LinkedIn either, but to get sleazy messages on what’s supposed to be a professional platform is such a huge turn off! Thank you for sharing your experiences:)


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