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I’m not a big fan of travel blogs. While I love to travel, I don’t foresee my future self deciding to quit her job to travel the globe which is what a lot of them tend to sway towards. I proudly call myself a homebody, and one of my life goals is to have a large family. Family and traveling the world don’t usually get along, but I’m okay with staying at home and watching the Travel Channel instead. 

The reason I am doing this Follow Friday’s post over travel blogs is due to the fact that I am traveling this weekend! By the time you read this, I will be on my way to, in, or heading home from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I’m super excited about this trip for a few reasons. First, it is my first trip with my boyfriend, Josh. The reason we are going is because he is attending a competition at the convention center in downtown Pittsburgh. While he’s kicking butt, I will be doing some site-seeing and shopping downtown. Second, we are traveling by car, which is my absolute favorite way to travel (well, since I haven’t traveled any other way that is). I have been known to stare out the car window for hours at a time. It’s so entertaining to me to watch the scenery go by. Third, I’ve never been to Pennsylvania. The farthest east I’ve been is Ohio. I’m excited to expand my horizons and visit a new place.

Notes from the Road: Most of the time when I go to a travel blog, I’m extremely overwhelmed by all the pictures and words and general decor of the pages. It’s just too much information for me. Notes from the Road is the opposite of that. While there are lots of pictures and words, the background is a simple black color and it doesn’t seem like an organized mess. Also, it’s one of the longest lasting travel blogs on the web.

The College Tourist: This blog is perfect for college students who want to travel. It has plenty of advice as well as stories and pictures from amazing places that I now want to go to. They also include tips on how to pack for certain places that you may be planning to travel to. This site divides their travel locations by continent. You can then click on the country you are interested in visiting and see how many guides and experiences, which are blog posts about certain places in that country, they have on that location.

Let’s Go: This is completely about student travels, but more for mature readers. The site features many different authors who blog about their stays and experiences in certain places. It also has a list of cities with guides and pack lists for the weather and things you’ll be doing there, as well as travel guides you can buy for specific countries and continents.

StudentUniverse Travel Blog: You know what I love? Tips on how to travel for cheap but while not sacrificing quality. All of these locations are traveled on a student budget, and it shows that you can still travel while a) a student and b) with a student budget (even if you aren’t a student). They also include tips and advice on study abroad for students, which is something that a lot of students end up doing. Most of their locations are countries other than the U.S., but they do have a few posts about U.S. locations.

Adventurous Kate: Kate is a solo female travel. She took a six month sabbatical when she was twenty six and never turned back. She currently makes her living traveling and blogging (isn’t that the dream?). As a solo female traveler, she is extremely concerned about safety and gives tips and advice for other female travelers on being safe while traveling solo.

Diaries of a Wandering Lobster: What I like about this blog is it ties in travel with life advice. I read Katelyn’s post about dating abroad, and I really like how she integrates her travels in with her life. She talks to you like a friend and you really want to learn more and become friends with her.

Twenty-Something Travel: Stephanie is a travel blogger, who is now married and in her third trimester, and she’s still traveling! Eek! I would be so scared. She talks about why you shouldn’t wait to travel, but also gives tips on how to save up money to travel.

Young Adventuress: This is one of the few travel blogs I actually do follow. Liz makes me want to drop all of my extra baggage and just go on an adventure, despite the fact that I don’t want to. Her blog design is simply and gorgeous and I just want to devour it. She also gives tip as she is a solo female and has been for over ten years.

Shut Up and Go: Damon and Jo are the authors of this blog, and I am so jealous of the close relationship that they share. This blog is about traveling without excuses, with just a few dollars in your pocket and bags on their backs. They had no money and little knowledge when they started traveling and posting on the blog. All they were sure of was that they wanted to go to new places and see new things.


Free Printable Weekend Getaway Pack List

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Download it here: Weekend getaway pack list

What are your favorite souvenirs to buy when traveling somewhere new? I have way too much knick knacks but I love buying things to remember my experiences by. I would love some new ideas!

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2 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Travel Blogs

  1. I just saw this post but thank you for all the great links to travel blogs! 🙂 I’m travelling out of the country next week for the first time so really all the help I can get/blogs I can read beforehand is great. Hope you have/had a nice trip. It’s a lot of fun to travel with one’s boyfriend hahah


    1. Good luck to traveling out of the country! That sounds so scary to me. I’m glad this post came at the perfect time for you:) I did have a really nice trip, it was gorgeous in Pittsburgh and my boyfriend and I were able to spend some quality time together too.

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