10 Things To Do on Your Work Lunch Break

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Lunch breaks can be long and boring. When I was told I would get an hour for lunch when most of my life I’ve only had half an hour, I was grateful, but I also wasn’t sure what I could do with that time. Lucky for you I got a little creative with my free time and came up with a list of things you can do if you’re bored on your lunch breaks too.

1. Read

The first week of work I made sure to pack a book in my bag to read before I left for work. I would take it out with me to lunch and once I finished eating I would open it up and read for the remainder of the time. This is so healthy for you and your brain. You burn more calories by reading, and your brain is learning and processing new information which helps keep your neurons strong. I definitely recommend reading a book or magazine on your lunch break because it also helps pass the extra time you have on your lunch break.

2. Explore the surrounding area

If your workplace is in the middle of the city, go out and explore a little! Just don’t get lost. You can see what the surrounding buildings and shops are and you might even find a new boutique that you adore. Maybe there’s a park down the street that you didn’t know about that has ice cream half off during your lunch break. It doesn’t hurt to check. Even if you aren’t close to anything major, you never know what you might find. For example, I discovered a graveyard from the 1800s down the road from my workplace, which is in the middle of the city!

3. Go shopping

There’s a large mall right down the street from my work. I have sometimes driven there for my lunch and bought something from the food court that I could eat while window shopping. You never know if there might be a flash sale going on and this is perfect to pass the long lunch hour. Maybe your work is right next to a strip mall. This would also be fun to go see what they have. Just try to avoid the venders who suck you in and spend your precious time trying to sell you something.

4. Catch up on social media/blog posts

I do this one regularly. Pinterest and I are secret lovers that meet in the hour between 1 PM and 2 PM. I also catch up on Twitter and Instagram (but Pinterest is still my favorite child). This is the time that I get started on reading blog posts for that day as well. I generally use BlogLovin’ to check what blogs have been updated and work my way to WordPress and RSS feeds that were sent to my email. This time is used to check my personal Facebook and watch cute dog videos too.

5. Watch Netflix or YouTube on your phone

In the mornings when I get ready I tend to watch Netflix because I hate just doing my makeup and I like to multitask. My latest obsession, Bones, is a mystery and I hate waiting for mysteries to be solved. If my phone has the battery life, then I plug in my earphones and try to finish the episode over my SpaghettiOs. YouTube is another thing you can watch. I don’t know about you, but there have been some nights when I go to watch a video about a dog that meows and somehow end up at videos about ancient Vikings hours later. If you want your time to go by fast, this is the best option for you.

6. Take a walk

My work really cares about the health of their employees and encourages us to use breaks and a few minutes of our lunch time to walk the track they recently laid around the building. If your work has a track like that or even just space where you won’t get hit by cars, then take a few minutes to exercise. Working in an office like me is not very good for your health because you spend long hours sitting at a desk which is really bad for your heart and arteries. Take a walk around the building a few times or go exploring like mentioned above!

7. Plan something

During my lunch breaks, I bring my blogging planner with me and I plan. I plan social media posts, I plan blog posts, I write down any new information I get on SEO and new advice I think is helpful for blogging. If you have to plan something, like say your move to your own apartment in less than four weeks (which is what I’ll be doing), you can use this down time to be productive and you can have more free time after work. I also write and send out important emails that may need to be sent out, or make phone calls.

8. Catch up on the newest albums or podcasts

Make sure you bring your earphones for this one. I’ve heard a lot about the newest Blink 182 album, but I haven’t heard it yet. Using my lunch to listen to music or even podcasts is the perfect way to pass the time. Make yourself a mid-day motivation playlist that you can listen to, or go searching for obscure songs. I don’t listen to many podcasts but I have some that I’d like to try out and this is a good time to do so.

9. Learn a new skill

Nowadays you can’t just be an engineer. You have to be an engineer who speaks seven languages and knows how to program a website. Spend your lunch break learning new skills such as languages or how to program HTML with free resources like Duolingo or CodeAcademy. You can also watch YouTube tutorials on whatever you wish, from hand lettering to makeup to how to paint a wood desk. There’s hundreds of resources for you to learn new skills and broaden your horizons. You can also just browse Wikipedia learning about things you never even knew you had an interest in.

10. Play a game

With so many free apps you can download, you will have trouble NOT  finding a game you’ll like. Download one at home and try it out for a bit. Then, when you’re bored on your lunch break, you can have this to play and pass the time. I am a fan of the choose-your-fate kind of games, and also virtual realities like Virtual Villagers. Puzzles are also fun to me. Just pick whatever you think will be fun and mess around with it for an hour on your lunch break. See if it takes you anywhere.

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What are some things you like to do on your lunch break?


One thought on “10 Things To Do on Your Work Lunch Break

  1. Great ideas. When I had an hour long break for lunch in college I’d usually catch up on social media or blog reading or watch Netflix. When school starts up in a few weeks I’ll be stuck with a 30 minute teacher lunch break so I’ll be good to check up on one social media channel after eating haha.

    – Courtney


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