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Happy Friday! I know I haven’t posted one of these in a few weeks and I apologize. I’m struggling to find a balance between work, life, writing blog posts, and reading blog posts. If you have any tips shoot them my way because I need the help! Anyway, this week’s social media accounts to follow is over Pinterest, and Feminism.

As many of you know, I love Pinterest! (Click here to go visit my Pinterest page!) I love that my feed is always filled with new things, and if there isn’t any new content for me to discover I can then search any of the many categories they have to find new pins that I am currently interested in. A lot of the content is so informative that I can’t help but use it for basically everything. When I started it in high school I had no idea how much I would actually use it. It tends to be my go-to search engine now when I need just about anything other than the current weather or maps.

What you might not know about me is that I am a feminist. I believe the simple notion that women should be equal to men in pay, in career opportunities, in representation. I support my fellow women and truly enjoy seeing them do their hearts’ desires, which could be running a business as a CEO or staying at home with their kiddos. It is their life and their choice.

Being a feminist I also support men being able to share their feelings and the recovery of male victims from domestic violence and sexual assault. As a male you are told you are not allowed to show feelings that will make you seem weak (AKA feminine). Male victims of sexual assault are generally pushed to the side.

I decided to combine these two things about me to bring you a post about feminist Pinterest boards! I follow each of these and love how empowered I feel knowing more about the inequalities between men and women so I can fight them and help bring more knowledge to their whereabouts.


Feminism: This is my feminist Pinterest board, which is a catchall for the ones below. I definitely recommend you follow this one (enter shameless plug here).

The Red Tent of Womanhood: I like this board because it shows you just how amazing females are. The pinner posts about women supporting one another and the amazing things women’s bodies can do. They also share a lot about different cultures and their views of women’s bodies, and plenty of informative info-graphs and content educating about women’s bodies, menstruation, and birth.

My Girl Power Board: I just, I just love this board. So positive. So inspiring and educating. So feminist. I like how the pinner chooses pins about the inequalities in other counties, such as a picture of a woman and child who are burn survivors after they were doused in acid by their husband/father from the middle east. Pins about not having to shave your body parts also show up which is AWESOME.

A Strong Woman: Yay board that supports feminine boys! And eliminating girl hate, and being proud of your body and specific body parts no matter what they look like, and pro Planned Parenthood. This board encompasses it all, so if you want to follow just one of these this one would be the best. You’ll get a bit of everything.

Femme Fatale: This board really empowers you as a woman. There are so many positive quotes and stories of women that it’s hard not to be proud of the sex you were born and gender you identify with. It also shows you exactly why you should be angry as a feminist, because we as women are not given the same level of respect or status as men are.

Who Run the World: This board has a lot of pins about ads and media which I would never have even thought about before. One of these pins poses men in women’s roles and women in men’s roles of famous ads to show how ridiculous they are, and it is very impactful. Some of the pins this board has really upset me, not because they weren’t true or over the top, but because the statistics of what it means to be a woman is so sad it broke my heart.

Equality: This one is more than just equal rights for women, its about equal rights for LGBTQ+, men, people of color, body positive, and awareness of mental illnesses. Just yes to this board in general.

Of Course I’m a Feminist: So above I was upset by the pins that the pinner of Who Run the World’s board…the pins on this board made me angry. I’m so angry that women work so hard yet don’t receive even half of what they deserve back simply based on the fact that they are women. This shows you exactly why we need feminism.

So go out and fight the patriarchy! And you can start by following these feminist Pinterest boards and learning more about what you are fighting for and why.


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