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I love dogs. If you don’t, you’re weird and I don’t know if I like you. Just kidding, but you might want to get yourself to a counselor. My boyfriend, without looking, knows if I’m watching a video about animals, just by how I react. I watch a ton and they make me so happy. I follow several different Facebook pages about dogs and puppies so that these videos show up often on my newsfeed.

My History With Dogs

*I unfortunately do not have pictures of Rocky or Buttercup at this time (my sister will be sending them to me) so I did not want to post pictures of my other three dogs without my first two babies*


I have always had a dog. First was Rocky, a mutt that my mom adopted before I was born. He was very well behaved and loving, and a bit of a coward. One time there was a cat on our front porch that would not go away so we tried to have Rocky scare him away. When Rocky, curious, went up to sniff this cat, the cat scratched him on the nose and Rocky ran away. But I loved him so much and I appreciate the time we had together and how he taught me to love dogs. I lost Rocky when I was in seventh grade.


Second was Buttercup. We adopted her as a puppy when I was about 6. My sister and I were read a list of names by our mom to decide on what to call her, and we both shouted ‘Buttercup!’ at the same time. Buttercup was a skittish little thing, and she eventually attached herself to our grandmother. Buttercup taught me compassion to to think more about what I was doing (my sister and I used to dress her up in my sister’s clothes, but she hated it). Buttercup passed away recently, and it’s still very raw for me to talk about her.


The next dog we adopted was Scamp. Scamp was my sister’s puppy. She begged my mom for years (I’m not kidding, years) and finally my mom surprised her with a puppy. Scamp is a little Chihuahua mix and he’s very adorable. My sister named him after Lady and the Tramp’s son. He’s so sweet, usually. He does not like strange men and will bite, but he loves girls and wants to be petted all the time.


Then came Tod. He’s my mom’s dog, and we got him from our cousin whose dog had puppies. My mom named him after The Fox and the Hound (funny how my family is always naming our dogs after Disney movies). He’s a total dork. He used to run to jump on the couch and forget to jump, so he would face plant into the couch. Tod also looks super awkward with his eyes just being slightly crosseyed, and he has long skinny legs. He’s a very good dog and super sweet. He’s the only one who will cuddle up next to you when you sleep.


And then there’s my baby. Forgive my long rant as I express my love for this animal. His name is Ragnar. He was a gift to my dad on his birthday. He’d always wanted an English Bulldog so my mom paid for the deposit for him. My dad named him after the famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, and the TV show Vikings that depicts his life and legend. I cannot tell you in words how much I adore this dog. From the moment he came into my life, he has brought me joy and laughter and the occasional scratch mark. He slobbers and when he drinks water he spills it everywhere. Ragnar is extremely stubborn and will bolt out the front door given the chance (not to run away, just because he wants to explore the front yard). He’s a giant baby who is afraid of the dark (my mom has to walk with him out into the backyard at night). I had no idea I could love a dog or a breed this much.

Because of my love and history with dogs, I really wanted to share this piece of myself with you all. Dogs are very important to me and I can’t wait until I graduate and have a place of my own so I can adopt ten of them (okay, not really, but maybe like two).

Facebook Dog Pages

Along with the following pages, I suggest you look up local shelter pages to follow. You never know, you might see a dog and just know it’s for you. These poor dogs need and want homes, so the more exposure they have to potential adopters the better their chances of finding forever homes.

Dog=Joy: This is one of the first dog pages I followed. I love it and proudly present it as the first one you should go check out and follow.

I Love Dogs and Puppies: Warning, tear-jerker alert. If you’re anything like me, you cry when it involves poor homeless animals. These stories end happily, but it still kills me to see the situations these poor animals wound up in. But this page gives you hope and shows you that there are still good people in this world.

Dog Lovers: Such amazing stories! These are the perfect little pick-me-ups to read when I’m scrolling through Facebook on my lunch break. The stories posted and shared leave you feeling so happy and more ready to finish the day.

Dogs World: Cute videos and pictures of course! Super cute, big dogs and small, and happy little adoption stories. And puppies. Just happy and cute videos that you’ll want popping up on your newsfeed.

Dogs Fan: Very informative site about dogs, like danger signs to look for and what to have in your doggie first aid kit. If you’re a dog owner you should definitely be watching out for pages like these! Dogs can’t tell you what is wrong, or if anything is wrong, so having this page give you reminders to pay attention really helps.

absoluteDOGS: Inspirational dog page! Although it is more about training dogs to do obstacle courses and the incentive to continue training dogs, I think it can apply to other aspects of your life as well. For example, college is like an obstacle course; a giant, scary, expensive obstacle course.

Dogs Today Magazine: I didn’t know there was a magazine for dogs, but I guess there is a magazine for just about everything nowadays! This page sports interesting dog facts as well as cute videos and pictures. For example, did you know that because of the way cocker spaniels have been bred, they now as a breed have a lot of health problems? Who would have known??

English Bulldog Fan Club: And last but not least, my favorite breed of dogs, the English Bulldog. See cute bulldog puppies, videos of bulldogs, and more by liking this Facebook page.

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I love dogs, so tweet me pictures of yours @queenbeeblog!!


2 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Facebook Puppy Pages

  1. Ah I love this! I’ve always wanted a dog but unfortunately I’ve never had one, so I just obsess over my friend’s pups instead. I’m sorry about your loss of Buttercup, she sounded like such a sweet dog. I can’t wait to check out all of the Facebook pages! Also you should totally tweet me pics of your dogs when you get the photos, I’d love to see them!

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