How to Decorate your Work Space

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I spend a ton of time at my desk. Between studying and completing assignments to Netflix and blogging, my desk is my go-to area for when I need to get stuff done or need a break. That’s why it’s one of my most important, and favorite, places to be. Because my work area is so important to me and my needs, it’s paramount that I create a space that is both motivational and inspiring as well and comfortable and relaxing.

You too can decorate your desk for optimal productivity by following a few simple tips, and can build yourself your own private oasis. Remember, this area is yours and is for you to use how you need it. If you play video games for a living, you might have it set up differently than a college girl who strives for the perfect 4.0 GPA.

Make sure you know if you work better in a minimalistic setting, or a more cluttered one. I actually like having some pictures and knick-knacks on my desk, because while it offers a short distraction I can always go right back to what I’m doing. If the space I’m working in has nothing to look at, I’m prone to stare off and not work or my eyes continually wander instead of stopping on something interesting.


Paper sorter – I love having some sort of paper sorter on my desk. It gets paper off my work area but it’s still close by and easy to find. There are tons of paper sorters out there, and they can be pretty cheap too. You’ll be sure to find one that matches the theme you’re going for!

Cup/mug – I love using cute coffee mugs on my desk to store my writing utensils and scissors. Mugs these days are abundant in stores, and can also be inexpensive to buy. You of course can buy a pencil organizers if you wish, I just think it’s cuter and you can personalize your area more. This space is for you to come and be productive, so get what you think might motivate you!

Drawer organizer – I don’t know how I would survive without a drawer organizer. I love mine so much. It keeps all my smaller office supplies in order so it’s easy to find them and they aren’t making a mess in my drawers. I would definitely recommend getting a drawer organizer to decorate your work space because it will save you time and you’ll be more productive.


Pictures – I love pictures of my family, friends, and pets sitting around me. When I mentioned above that I like my work area to have more clutter, this is why. I can glance over and immediately be happy because these pictures bring me that feeling. Put items around your work area to make you happy too!

Quotes – Inspiring quotes are so amazing. They’re so motivational, and they are a great addition to any productive work space. You can find a ton of them on Pinterest and potentially buy them from at Etsy store or even create a document to print yourself. The options are endless, but try to make it something that does motivate you to do work.

Desktop background – I love love love changing my desktop background to cute pictures! This is one way to decorate any work space to your theme. You can even design your own with a website like Canva! This is a good place to have a quote or something motivational that will keep you productive because we do spend so much time on our computers!

Knick-knacks – I have a confession. I like to buy things. I know, I know, I need a support group. Whenever I go somewhere knew, I like to commemorate that trip by buying something to remember it by. I have so many things now, but each one has a memory and I can’t seem to want to let them go. They end up on my desk, and I really like them there, but too many can take up too much space. One or two is the perfect number.

Goals – If you set goals for yourself, and you really should, hanging them up around your work area is the perfect way to keep you motivated. Whenever you feel down and like you do not want to do the work, you can look at those goals to see what you’re striving towards! You can also make these goals yourself, or print them out. Decorate them with your theme in mind!!

Office supplies

General items – Make sure you have some general office supplies nearby. This will save you time so that you don’t have to run to the store when you need flashcards or paperclips. Some other items you should always have on hand: extra pens and pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, highlighters, whiteout, tape, sticky notes, hole punch, stapler, staples, binder clips, and extra paper.

Calendar – I love to put up a calendar around my work area that way I can glance at it and immediately know the day of the week it is. This really helps me because I don’t forget deadlines and due dates. You can find so many different types of calendars that it will be hard NOT to find one in your theme or one that inspires you.

Important info – I also like to put up any reminders or important due dates that I need to remember. Like the calendar, it helps remind me of when I have assignments due or if I need to call someone. If you are doing something that is new to you, you can also hang up a how-to by you so that you can reference it.

If you share your desk/work area

At my work at school, I share my desk with the RAs (Resident Assistants), some desk staff, and the Hall Ambassadors. Because of this, I can’t really personalize my area, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a cute and inspiring work space! If you also share a work space, try to keep it very uplifting and positive, but don’t personalize it. If others have to use that space then they probably don’t want to see a picture of you and your significant other staring back at them. Hang up quotes, a cute desktop background, and a calendar. You can also put a knick-knack there if you wish.

How do you like to decorate your desk? I would love to know! I’m always looking for more things to add to my space.


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  1. I need to follow these tips for next semester! Last year, my desk was always a mess and I ended up doing my school work in my bed. As you can imagine, I was not very productive haha. I need to buy a paper sorter this year instead of shoving everything in one of my desk drawers!

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