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If you haven’t guessed already, I am a college blogger. I decided on this niche when I started blogging because of many reasons. I am a college student, which gives me a unique but relatable experience that I am able to share with you, and I love reading other college blogs. 

College blogs have just started rising on the popularity scale in the blogging world. That’s because there are some really great college bloggers out there sharing excellent content that people need. I’m hoping to one day be one of those bloggers, but for now I just admire them from afar. With school starting back up in a few weeks, now is the perfect time to find some great blogs to follow and get ready for the year!

The Blogs

Mostly Morgan – I listed this blog first for a reason. Morgan is the reason I started reading blogs and why I started blogging. She’s the pioneer of the college blogging world. Morgan blogs about college, blogging, fashion, and life, and she’s so informative and helpful that you should definitely be following her.

Dani Dearest – Dani is an amazing blogger. She has a lot of information on how to balance school with work and being involved in organizations, which is a lot like me. Her blog also goes over a lot of mental health issues and dealing with them.

Kayla Blogs – Kayla is a planner enthusiast and has two great massive planner posts that go over several different types of planners. She’s got a great blog with a beautiful design and she and her boyfriend are just the cutest!

The Young Hopeful – I don’t think I can explain how much I love this blog. The Young Hopeful is a collective of college and lifestyle posts from guest bloggers. It’s a place where people submit posts which may or may not be chosen by the team of editors. Once you do, you are credited and linked back to your blog and social media sites, and they do all the promotion for it! It’s a great resource for bloggers and collegiates alike. Hope Young, the owner of this blog, also has some great ideas. She started a mentorship program that pairs freshmen/sophomore students with junior/senior students, and also has a Facebook page for college girls to connect and support one another.

Sara Laughed – Sara is everything I aspire to be in a blogger. She is smart, and she worked her butt off to get that way. She even wrote and eBook called How to Succeed in College (which you can buy here!) full of tips and advice on how to get the best grades possible during school.

Hello Kymberly Ann – This is a newer blog, but it’s pretty amazing! Kymberly somehow knows exactly what kind of advice that freshman need and is able to get that info out in a very informational and friendly tone. I find myself reading her blog even though I don’t need dorm room tips anymore!

Living the Gray Life – Abigail is the blogger of this site, and she does a great job. She has some cute dorm DIY decor that’s pretty easy and cheap as well as really great guides for anything college related, like dorms or registering for classes.

A Wanderer’s Adventures – Amelie lives and attends college in Canada. A lot of these bloggers are from US of A, so it’s nice to see a different perspective on things. She also posts about books, which I love, and lifestyle posts. One of my favorite posts of hers is how she was an introvert and really struggled at the beginning of college, which I relate to because I was the same way.

Adjusting to Adulthood – A2A as this blog is fondly known as is not just a college blog, but I had to include it anyway. Going off to college signals the end of your life as a child or teenager if you will. You are know an adult and have to face your own problems by yourself. Now, I’m not saying you can’t ask for help, but you can’t ask people to do things for you anymore. Adjusting to Adulthood is about finding out how to adult and giving tips and advice along the way.

Study Break Down – Again, this is not specifically a college blog, but as college students we study so much for our classes that we need advice sometimes. This site has it. It’s run by a 23-year-old psychology student in Australia (yay, another place besides USA!).

Truly Indulgent – Isabelle is a college student in New York (I’m going to befriend her so that I can visit her one day and we can go to NYC for a day, I swear). Besides college, she blogs about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I really like her college posts because they’re so relatable and interesting.

As Life Grows – Samantha’s blog is all about college, college tips, college life, college relationships… She really and truly has a college blog. And all her posts have great advice. She also has a ton of great posts centered around the freshman year of college, so go check her out if you’re heading to college in the next month!

Endless May – Shannon May authors this adorable blog. I could seriously spend eternity looking at her design. She has information on college life and advice, as well as study abroad info. When you sign up for her email list, you also get access to her College Guide, a list of posts and resources that are super helpful for any college student!

The Happy Arkansan – Amanda has college and graduate school advice as well as blog and sorority information. I’m not in a sorority and don’t think I will be, so this is really helpful for anyone who thinks they might want to join a sorority or already knows they do!

Living in Full Bloom – I had to include Alyssa on this list! We go to school together! It was a complete coincidence that we found each other, but I’m so happy I have a blogging buddy at school. Her blog has college tips and college prep, so if you’re wondering how to get ready for the next few months, this is the place to do it.

The Swirl – The Swirl is yet another great blog (what did you expect from the best of the best blogs?). They blog about college and baking. Their college advice is awesome, and I really enjoy reading their posts. I just found their post on what to do before moving into your apartment and found it super helpful, so go check them out!

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What are some of your favorite blogs? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Follow Friday: College Blogs

  1. The Young Hopeful is one of my favorites! I also love Sara Laughed, each of her posts kind-of make my day. All of these are such inspiration for my own college blog journey.

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  2. This list is awesome! I love all these bloggers and they definitely inspire me as a college blogger myself. Hope’s blog is one of my favorites and I frequently go there for advice and resources. It’s great to see you sharing the love!
    -Lots of Love, Lola |


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