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Dearest reader,


As many of you know, I moved into my first apartment a few weeks ago. I was and am super excited about it, and after getting it all cleaned and decorated, it didn’t disappoint. I am very happy to show you in today’s post what it looks like and how I found some of the awesome decor I have! 


Living Room


My roommate found this memory foam butterfly chair on sale at Kohl’s a few weeks before we were to move in. It’s the color we wanted and super comfy! We plan on hosting a few events for our club here and wanted ample seating to do so.


This is my couch, guys! I was so stoked to find this at an outlet store in Indy. It’s a gray couch, and over $100 cheaper than the one I was going to buy. It’s very comfy and plush, and I got a 5 year warranty on it so if it gets stained or ripped they’ll fix it or give me a new one. All for less than $350!!


Behind/beside the butterfly chair I found a gray table at Wal-Mart for $10, and it was pretty perfect for our living room. I bought the blue lamp on top of it for $1 at a garage sale and went to Meijer for the shade and paid $13 for it. And meet my fish, Lady Violett von Martin! (I didn’t name her).


This is the dining table I bought. My roommate and I found it at an antique store for only $125 and it was on sale. The cashier told us it was handmade by an older gentleman who sells his woodwork to the store. The elephant salt and pepper shaker were my Christmas gift this last year from my roommate because I love elephants, and the flower basket I found as a thrift store for $4. The TV stand I received for free from a family member, and the TV was a gift for my roommate from her parents. All in all a good living room!




I will be the first to admit the bathroom is tiny and not the best. I could barely fit a small trashcan in it. But my roommate and I were able to decorate it how we wanted, and seeing as how neither of us ever had a matching bathroom set, you bet your booty we went to Wal-Mart and picked out one we both liked! So it may be small, but it is mighty adorable!





My roommate and I have a tiny hallway between the living room and our bedrooms. I put the bookcase on one end, and our Captain America poster by the bathroom door so we can both see it when leaving our bedrooms!




I am so pleased with how my room turned out. It is really homey, if a little crowded. I got a lot of artwork to cover up the cinder block walls and a really good rug to hide the tile floors. I’m really happy to call it my room.


This is what you see when you enter my room. I paid under $100 for the rug, and it is a 6’X9′. I searched Amazon for months until I found and fell in love with this one.


The artwork next to the window I got all from Goodwill. The top picture frame had the picture of the flowers in it, I just spray painted the frame gold to match the rest of the picture frames in my room. I created cute quotes using Canva and printed them out for the other two picture frames. One says, “Work until your bank account looks like a phone #,” and the other says, “you are gold, baby, solid gold.”



The large canvas next to my bed was a steal. I bought it from Big Lots for only $12! It was my colors, cheap, but cute and good quality. Go me!


This is my desk area, and I’m also pretty proud of it. The desk was free from my parents. They just had it in our storage unit so they gave it to me. I repainted it to this dark brown, because it was an orange brown before. I got the chair brand new from a thrift store for $10. I bought the paper sorter for my work desk at the beginning of the summer from Target, so I don’t remember how much I paid for it exactly. The little brown drawers I got from Wal-Mart for $15 to store some of my clothes, and it doubles as a space to keep my textbooks close by.




This is my attempt at a gallery wall. I have a picture of my boyfriend and I, a picture of my grandparents and I, my monthly calendar that I bought at Target, and the semester goals I have set for myself which you can read about here. I really like how it turned out!



So that’s it, folks! What’s one thing you’re looking forward to when you get to decorate your first place? Comment below and let me know.

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