Beginner’s Guide to Feminism

beginner's guide to feminism.png

Dearest reader,


I had no idea what feminism was a few years ago. I felt so stupid for not knowing what this was when so many people around me seemed to have strong opinions on it. 

Two years ago I graduated high school. A few months later I was thrust into college, where I began to learn things that public education would have never even began to cover. In a few of my classes, we discussed France’s ban on hijabs and burqas (you can read more about it here in the Huffington Post article). Since this is a religious topic and there is a ‘separation’ of church and state, we would have been extremely limited in this discussion at my high school. In classes ranging from child development to English 104, we also discussed LGBTQ+ rights and their impacts on communities and families. Being extremely interested in these topics myself, I did self research after class. The articles and news reports I found introduced me to feminism, an interest I take part in which has only been furthered as my college career continues. Continue reading