How to Organize an Entire Semester

the-all-inclusive-guide-to-organizing-an-entire-semester-in-two-hoursDearest reader,

I cannot wait to start preparing for my new semester. Back-to-school shopping makes me so happy, it’s no wonder I decided to become a teacher. I love gathering all the supplies and syllabi and writing down due dates and club meetings. This is the first thing I do every semester as soon as the syllabi for my classes becomes available. There’s something so satisfying to me scheduling and preparing for my new semester. Continue reading


Fall Semester Goals

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Dearest reader,


School started yesterday! My day was pretty awesome. I only have one class on MWF and two on TTh with 3 online classes, so I have a lot more free time than I did last semester. The only downfall is I’m working a lot in between that so I still have pretty long days. Oh well, by working hard and going to classes it’s helping me complete some of my semester goals I have for myself this year!  Continue reading