Are you interested in blogging? Are you wanting to build a relationship with a fellow blogger? If you’re interested, keep reading to find out about becoming a co-author for Simply Bumbling Along below!

If you’ve been here before, nice to have you back. If you are new, so glad to have you. You can read more about me on my About page by clicking here. I am interested in inviting a co-blogger to Simply Bumbling Along to write about college, their life, and advocate for including feminism, body positive, mental health awareness, and other categories they are interested in.

While I love to write and blog, I get overwhelmed easily and would love to have a co-blogger I can depend upon. My goal for my co-blogger is to write at least 2 posts per month and to have someone to share Simply Bumbling Along social media accounts with.

So, why should you write for Simply Bumbling Along? Currently, I have over 500 unique visitors for the month of January (and it is only Jan. 4), 280+ Pinterest followers, 290+ Twitter followers, and 100+ Instagram followers. My most popular posts are as follows (in order of popularity): How to Prepare for Your First Week of Classes with other 5,000 views, The Introvert’s Guide to Flourishing in College with over 2,500 views, and College Girl’s Guide to Winter Break with 2,000+ views. I started my blog in June 2016 and between then and December I had 11,000 visitors and 13,000+ views. With your help, we can grow and improve Simply Bumbling Along even more over this next year!

If you’re still interested, here are some more guidelines for Simply Bumbling Along and posts:

Post length: Together, we will discuss post ideas and content. At the beginning of each month, we will talk and decide what we are going to post and when we will post it. Each post length needs to be at least 800 words long.

Tone: I try hard to be very informative while also inputting my own perspective and advice on things. Simply Bumbling Along aims to help and teach those who read the posts, so that is the tone we will be going for.

A little bit about me for your benefit: I am a Junior at a college in Indiana. My major is Family and Consumer Science Education (so a Home Economics teacher for those of you who don’t know what that means!). My minor is in Interpersonal Relationships. I like blogging and having a creative outlet, but struggle during the school-year to write posts because I get so overwhelmed by other commitments. That’s where you would come in: having someone to help keep me on track while sharing the responsibility of Simply Bumbling Along.

If all of this sounds great to you, then I implore you to reach out with any questions you have. Below I have linked the form I would like for you to fill out. After filling it out, please email it plus 1-3 documents (Word or PDF files) that show me samples of your writing! Deadline for these applications are January 20, 2017, at 11:59 PM. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

Co-blogger application