Roommate Contracts

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You might be reading this blog because you are a college student and I am a college lifestyle blogger. Being a college student is hard. If you’re just entering your freshman year, then you’re nervous and excited and a bundle of nerves. If you’re a returner, then you’ll probably be excited, dreading the course load a little bit, but overall happy to return. One thing is for certain: if you are living with a roommate, you’ll need a roommate contract.  Continue reading


What to Prepare Before your Interview

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I don’t know about you, but interviews make me slightly nervous. I don’t get so worked up that it interferes with my ability to interview, but I want to do well and not getting a job, to me, means that I did not do well, which in turn makes me worry. To help calm my nerves, I like to make sure I’m prepared before I even get to the interview.  Continue reading

Follow Friday: Travel Blogs

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I’m not a big fan of travel blogs. While I love to travel, I don’t foresee my future self deciding to quit her job to travel the globe which is what a lot of them tend to sway towards. I proudly call myself a homebody, and one of my life goals is to have a large family. Family and traveling the world don’t usually get along, but I’m okay with staying at home and watching the Travel Channel instead.  Continue reading

Best Places to Look for a Summer Job


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Yesterday was the first day of summer. With the way the weather is going, already in the 90°s several weeks ago, I’m not looking forward to it now actually being summer. Now that it’s officially summer vacation, many of you will begin the search for a summer job. A lot of college students work during the summer because it allows them to save up for the fall and spring semesters so they can focus on their studies during the school year. It can be really hard to find a job over the summer, so follow some of these tips to finding employment.  Continue reading